Custom Designs

At Jules, we specialize in custom designs. If our clients have a vision they wish to achieve, we work to accommodate their ideas as closely as possible or to suggest improvements. For those who come to us without a pre-conceived concept, we enjoy showcasing our own creativity. We are delighted when customers bring in jewelry they no longer wear and ask us for options to convert it into new pieces that they’ll love. We take pride in presenting them with stunning, fresh ideas, where the sale of old settings or unwanted jewelry can significantly offset the cost of new pieces that will become treasured favorites.

The process of sharing our ideas for custom designs typically begins with sketches and/or utilizing jewelry in our showroom to portray one or more design features. As we refine the designs, with our customers’ input, we provide more detailed sketches, samples, CAD drawings, and/or wax molds, prior to fabrication. The creative process, from concept to delivery of the finished jewelry, is one of our favorite parts of this business. We excel in creating one-of-a-kind pieces that capture the heart and commemorate life’s important moments.
jewelry box

Bring us the items in your jewelry box that you no longer wear and we’ll help you transform them into beautiful new masterpieces!